Cottage Combines
Tools & Talent

Cottage is a productivity tool that gets you web development help within minutes combined with a supply of talented freelancers.

Get your tasks in front of freelancers. Fast.

Just install our plugin within your Github organization and you are ready to start posting tasks to our platform.

As easy as typing @CottageFreelancers.

You can treat Cottage like any other member of your team. Just assign a task to @CottageFreelancers to post on our platform.

Predictable pricing.

Set the price you're willing to pay for the completion of a task and Cottage will tap into our global network of freelancers to find the right fit without compromising on quality.

Quality delivery.

Our freelancers submit their code as a pull request.

No contracts, no lock-in.

Not satisfied with our service? No problem. With Cottage, there isn't any minimum obligation with regard to how much you spend on the platform. Our short-term engagements allow you to try us out risk-free.

Who is Cottage for?
Busy people.

  • Founders that need an MVP or feature, but can't build it all themselves
  • Freelancers and agencies who have more than they can handle
  • PMs and Scrum masters who have a huge backlog
  • Jr. and Sr. Developers who are running out of hours in the day
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Reclaim Your Time, Refocus Your Talents

  • We handle onboarding and vetting
  • 1-Click payments to freelancers
  • We handle tax and document tracking
  • Get exactly as much help is needed
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