Question 1

What is Cottage?

Cottage is a marketplace that creates competitions to build the best react components. Our clients send us their Figma and a short description, which we turn into competitions for learning devs to try out to prove their skills and get paid.

Question 2

Who is it for?

Cottage is for busy people, busy teams, and busy organizations working in web development.

- Technical Founders who need to build faster
- Freelance developers who have more work than they can do alone
- Development agencies who need additional development throughput
- Designers who want to turn their into reusable react components

Question 3

What does a "competition" mean?

A competition is a small assignment of web development work that can be completed in 2-20 hours. Our platform works best when big projects are broken into these smaller tasks. If you don't want to break down your project yourself, try our full service development option by emailing Neil at neil@joincottage.com.

Question 4

What is the pricing?

Our prices should be competitive with the hourly rate of other developers. We price based on complexity on a case by case basis. Most components cost between $100-$1000.

Question 5

How can I reach you?

Cottage is a startup, and that means you'll get high-touch support directly from our founders. You'll have a direct avenue to us to recommend new features, give feedback, and have your issues resolved promptly. This is only going to be for our earliest customers, so get in touch with us now. You can email us at neil@joincottage.com

Question 6

How does Cottage make money?

We charge on a pay as you go basis. So you pay us when you need your designs brought to life on-demand. Use us as much or as little as needed.

Question 7

Do you have international support?

Yes, we have international support to any country serviced by Stripe.

Question 8

What types of development do you do?

Cottage launched as a React.JS focused web development platform. We plan on expanding in the future. Send us a message if you have interest in working with us in another protocol or development type.

Question 9

How do you ensure the security of my IP?

We don't share your IP or code with our developers ever. If your component requires a set of data, just provide us a dummy set for further protection.

Question 10

How do you connect with my code repository?

We connect via your Github in order to recreate your environment for developers to work in, but developers who zero access to your repository. We only mimic your environment so that the components they create will work for you.

Question 11

Why use Cottage?

Speed, quality, cost.

Speed: Because we have 100s of developers working, we can build your all of your designs nearly simultaneously. Our competitions are structured to encourage speed.

Quality: Developers keep building your components until we get the best component. Competition and quantity create high quality.

Cost: We offer premium speed for the same price as Upwork or Fiverr.

Question 12

Who is doing the work?

Our motivated pool of learning React developers will complete your task. We accept multiple submissions for each competition and choose the best one.

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