On-demand developer help is now simple & fast.
Clear your backlog & hit deadlines without hiring or onboarding another freelancer.

Utilize our platform of hundreds of developers to turn your Figma into React in record time.

Get started in minutes by uploading your design and acceptance criteria then our devs get to work.
Cottage for Business
Amplify Your Development Velocity
  • Send us your Figma Designs and we'll build your component.
  • Flexible and scalable. Use for 10 components one week and 0 the next.
  • No monthly fee to get started. Pay as you go with instant flat rate pricing.
  • IP, Data, and Codebase will not be shared.
  • Money-back guarantee.
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Learning First Platform
Crush your feelings of imposter syndrome by proving your skills on
real work from real tech companies.
Cottage for Developers
Do you know how to code, but you've never gotten paid?
This is for you.
  • Become a Cottage developer in minutes.
  • Pick from our selection of low pressure competitions
  • Win the competition and you get paid. If not, you still get to learn from the winners code and feedback.
  • Tasks are designed to take two hours to two days
  • 1 click and you are ready to code in a cloud hosted IDE
  • No interviews, onboarding, or client interface required.
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